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Creating an audio version of your book may seem like a daunting proposition.

It need not be.

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Transforming Your Work Into An Audiobook

You’ve already done the hard part: finding the right audiobook production company for your book.

But what are your next steps?

We’ve put together a quick questionnaire to get the conversation going. Gather the following information, and then use the form below to request a quote from us.

We’ll need:

  • The book title, genre and word count.
  • A PDF of the book.
  • Your thoughts or preferences on the narrator. Male or female? What vocal timbre? To get a feel for the breadth of narration possible, listen to our audiobook samples. Make notes of which narrators might fit your vision. (Please be aware that there are many more narrators available than those listed).
  • Special requirements like accents, language or other performance needs.

After you complete the form below, we’ll review your request and reply promptly. If we have enough information to do so, we’ll include a quote for your audiobook. If we can;t do that, we’ll ask some clarifying questions to get to your answer. Either way, we’ll be on the road to getting your audiobook produced.

And that’s exciting.

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