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From concept to casting, recording to post-production,
Spoke Media is dedicated to creating a superlative listener experience.
We craft audio productions that transfix the audience and pull them into the story.
Because great stories deserve the perfect telling.

Client & Creative Collaboration

In addition to our executive team working closely with our client partners to meet schedules and goals, our experienced directors and voice actors collaborate to deliver narrative landscapes that vividly convey the action and emotion of every scene.

{ even though we’re artsy, we show up on time and meet deadlines. }

Unsurpassed Sound & Quality Control

Our high-quality, low-noise equipment faithfully captures rich studio performances, while our expert post-production staff create an exacting and flawless listening experience. Listen now.

{ we’ve got expensive gear and we’re exceedingly picky about stuff. }

Deep & Diverse Talent

Our location in Dallas, a voiceover industry hub, affords us a wide range of voice actors to work with, and our well-established relationships with both independent and agency talent enable us to cast the right voice for the right role with speed and efficiency.

{ we know a lot of actors. a lot of really really good actors. }

Expertise & Experience

With 36 combined years of audio production experience in the music, advertising, film and audiobook industries, our executive team brings uncommon insight across the production process — from ideating the approach to executing the final delivery. Learn more.

{ trust us. we know what we’re doing. }



Spoke Media

Audiobooks, voiceover, custom music composition, audio post for film and video—
We exhibit the same dedication to quality in all the audio we produce.
Choose a category below to hear samples.

Audiobook Full Production

Recording of narration, editing, quality control and mastering:

  • The Weeping Woman

    by Zoé Valdés

    narrated by Miranda Cannon, Valerie Hauss, Hess Roberts

  • The Weeping Woman

  • The Crippler

    by Chris Leben, Daniel J. Patinkin

    narrated by Eric Vale

  • Small Data

    by Martin Lindstrom

    narrated by Ricco Fajardo

  • Knot The One

    by Stacey Becker

    narrated by Vanessa DeSilvio


Audiobook Post Production

Editing, quality control and mastering of pre-recorded narration:

Raw Audio

Microphone and preamp hiss, mouth noises, abrupt edits, and a dull tone.

Competitor’s Edit and Master

Better edits and fewer mouth noises, but still noisy and dull sounding.

Spoke Media’s Edit and Master

Seamless edits and nearly zero mouth noise, with no noise and a bright, clear and rich tonality.

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Crescent Communities: Bryson

Strong male VO over upbeat Texas Hill Country acoustics.

VO recording, music, and mix:

Crescent Communities: Wildridge

Folksy male VO and laid-back bluegrass.

VO recording, SFX, music, and mix:

Texas Motor Speedway: Just Go

Intense, dramatic and exciting.

VO recording, sound design, and mix:

[youtube https://youtu.be/qevehubh-js]



An insider’s look at the wild stories, past and present, that have shaped NASCAR into the all-American tradition it is today.

A new miniseries sponsored by Busch, in collaboration with our partners at Wondery.




On election night, two-term president Oliver Pierce watches in disbelief from the White House as Charles Dunwalke wins a controversial electoral college victory. With only 73 days before Dunwalke’s inauguration, president Pierce makes a secret decision to act, with historic and possibly catastrophic consequences.

A new serialized audio drama from Spoke Media, distributed by our partners at Wondery.



Keith Reynolds

Co-Founder and CEO

Keith spent his early 20s working in famous but dirty recording studios in New York, producing projects for various media and even playing keys for Lauryn Hill. He was still sleeping on couches and floors when he got a gig at Audible.com, becoming one of the top audiobook directors for Audible Studios. He even got to work with some famous humans and direct a few award-winning audiobooks.

After many years of directing at Audible and having had enough winter, Keith relocated to Dallas, Texas, the hometown of his beautiful and far-more-impressive-than-he wife. Dallas also happens to be home to a thriving voiceover industry, which worked out nicely for him as he is utterly unqualified to work as a banker, rancher or hipster. Keith no longer sleeps on floors but does enjoy the occasional couch nap.

Alia Tavakolian

Executive Producer

Alia spent her college years learning to juggle and roll around on the ground–some people call it theater school–at Southern Methodist University. While there, she focused on directing and production and found herself in Iran following an underground dance troupe.

She has produced and directed independent theater in Dallas and was one of the creators of Dallas’ popular Shakespeare in the Bar series. Alia has since transitioned from the stage to the studio by way of the corporate startup world. When she isn’t overseeing content at Spoke Media, she is coming up with creative ways to prank those she loves.




  • Acoustic engineering by Jeff Hedback
  • 64- and 56-square-foot iso booths, STC 61
  • 272-square-foot main recording space
  • 204-square-foot control room
  • Auxiliary control room, kitchen, residence


  • Neumann TLM103 LDC (2)
  • Lawson L47FET LDC
  • Shure KSM32 LDC (2)
  • AEA R84 Ribbon
  • Fox 460 RK251 Tube LDC (2)
  • Audio-Technica AT8035 Shotgun (2)
  • Rode NT5 SDC (2)
  • Rode M5 SDC (2)
  • Shure SM7B Dynamic
  • Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic
  • Sennheiser MD441-MkII Dynamic (2)
  • AKG D112 MkII Dynamic
  • Audix D6 Dynamic
  • Shure SM-57 Dynamic (4)


  • Earthworks 1024 ZDT (4)
  • CAPI VP26revB Variable Gain (4)
  • CAPI VP26revB Stepped Gain (2)
  • OSA MP1-C (2)


  • Analog Allstars EQP-1S5 Equalizer (2)
  • DIYRE Colour Module (2)
  • Hairball Audio 1176 revD Compressor
  • Gyraf GSSL Buss Compressor
  • FMR Audio RNC Compressor
  • FMR Audio RNLA Compressor


  • Custom woodwork in walnut with carrera marble top by Matt Harmon


  • Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB (2)
  • RME Fireface 800
  • Benchmark DAC-1


  • Neumann KH310 3-way Mid-field Monitors
  • Mackie HR824 2-way Near-field Monitors
  • Avantone Active MixCubes Mini Monitors
  • Sony MDR7506 Headphones (4)
  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Headphones (3)


  • Reaper Digital Audio Workstation
  • FabFilter Pro Bundle
  • iZotope RX5
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • Native Instruments Komplete Utlimate
  • Toontrack EZ Drummer 2
  • Plugins from UAD, Waves and more


  • Steinway 1903 Vertical Grand Piano
  • Hammond 1964 M101 Tonewheel Organ
  • Wurlitzer 1974 200A Electric Piano
  • Rhodes 1982 Stage 76 MkII Electric Piano
  • Silvertone 1957 Model 1331 Tube Amp
  • Fender 1970’s Vibrochamp Tube Amp
  • Peavey 1994 Classic 50 Tube Amp
  • MesaBoogie Mark Five:25 Tube Amp


  • Fender Jazz Electric Bass
  • Hofner Violin Electric Bass
  • Danelectro Baritone Electric Guitar
  • Danelectro 56-U3 Electric Guitar
  • Gibson Les Paul Special Electric Guitar
  • Gibson 1976 L6S Electric Guitar
  • G&L 1996 USA Comanche Electric Guitar
  • Epiphone “Dot” 335 Electric Guitar


  • Fender Telecaster 69 Thinline Electric Guitar
  • Fender Jazzmaster Electric Guitar
  • Republic Minioliian Resonator Guitar
  • Alvarez Acoustic Guitar
  • Unknown Mexican Acoustic Nylon Guitar
  • Fender Acoustic/Electric Mandolin
  • Slingerland 1960s drum kit
  • Percussion, pedals, and more